Industrial production industrial sales ± change in stocks.

Sales index shows the change in the value of sold industrial production in current prices compared to the base period.

The volume index of industrial production shows the change in the value of industrial production in constant prices compared to the base period. The producer price index is used for calculating the production values in constant prices.




The financial data of enterprises have been collected on the basis of the annual statistical questionnaire “EKOMAR”, “Mining, manufacturing, electricity, gas and water supply”.

The financial data of enterprises do not include data of sole proprietors.



Statistical unit

Statistical unit is the enterprise as a legal person with its own balance.

Population and sampling frame

Survey population comprise enterprises, which are included in the register of economically active enterprises called statistical profile. The statistical profile is created on the basis of the database of the Commercial Register and is used as a sampling frame.


The financial data (excluding enterprises of financial intermediation) are collected by sample survey, using stratified simple random sampling. The population was stratified by economic activity.

Enterprises have been divided into groups by economic activity according to the Estonian Classification of Economic Activities (EMTAK), which is based on the NACE (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Communities).

All state and municipal enterprises as well as enterprises of private ownership with 20 or more employees are completely enumerated. The rest of enterprises belonging to Estonian and foreign persons in private law are sampled.


EMTAK 2008 – Estonian Classification of Economic Activities based on NACE, Rev. 2 is published on the web-site of Estonian Statistics.


Eesti statistika aastaraamat. Statistical Yearbook of Estonia

Tööstustoodangu ja energia tootmine. Production of industrial output and energy. Press release


Other mining includes mining of stone, sand and gravel.

Manufacture of other food products includes manufacturing of chocolate and sugar confectionery, condiments and seasonings, prepared meals.

Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products includes manufacturing of glass products, ceramic, cement, concrete, tiles and other construction products.

Manufacture of other transport equipment includes building of ships, railway and aircraft.

Other manufacturing includes manufacturing of jewellery, musical instruments sports goods, toys, medical instruments and supplies.


The data for last published year may be revised when the data for the next year are added.


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