Cruise passengers coming by ship from foreign countries total number of passengers arriving by cruise ship from abroad.

Cruise ship a passenger ship intended to provide passengers with a full tourist experience. All passengers have cabins. Facilities for entertainment aboard are included. Ships operating normal ferry services are excluded, even if some passengers treat the service as a cruise. In addition, cargo carrying vessels able to carry a very limited number of passengers with their own cabins are also excluded. Ships intended solely for day excursions are also excluded.

Estonian vessel / foreign vessel nationality of a vessel is determined by the country under which flag the vessel sails.

Passengers coming from abroad total number of passengers arriving by Estonian or foreign vessels from abroad.

Passengers going to foreign countries total number of passengers going to foreign countries by Estonian or foreign vessels.


The survey population consists of ports included in the State Port Register of the Estonian Maritime Administration. Complete enumeration is applied.


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Eesti Statistika Kuukiri. Monthly Bulletin of Estonian Statistics

Eesti statistika aastaraamat. Statistical Yearbook of Estonia


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