Exported containers sea containers dispatched by the ship together with transit containers.

Freight container a unit of transport equipment, which is: of a permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use; specially designed to facilitate the carriage of goods, by one or more mode of transport, without intermediate reloading; fitted with devices permitting its ready handling, particularly its transfer from one mode of transport to another; so designed as to be easy to fill and empty; having a length of 20 feet or more. In addition, containers should be stackable and have an internal volume of 1 m3 or more. Swap bodies are excluded.

Imported containers sea containers received from the ship together with transit containers.

TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) Standard unit for counting containers of various capacities and for describing the capacities of container ships or terminals. One twenty-foot ISO container equals 1 TEU.


The survey population consists of ports included in the State Port Register of the Estonian Maritime Administration. Complete enumeration is applied.


Eesti Statistika Kuukiri. Monthly Bulletin of Estonian Statistics

Eesti statistika aastaraamat. Statistical Yearbook of Estonia


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