Administrative unit – a unit based on administrative division, the name, type and boundaries of which are determined by law and other legislation, and in the territory of which state or local government administration is carried out. The administrative units of the territory of Estonia are counties, rural municipalities and cities.

Place of residence –– the area or settlement in which the person resides according to register data at the start of year.

Young person – person aged 7–26.


The data have been obtained from the Statistical Population Register maintained by Statistics Estonia for determining permanent residents of Estonia. Statistics Estonia determines permanent residents of Estonia by using the residency index, the aim of which is to establish the population of Estonia as at the beginning of the year. This method takes into account besides registered birth, death and migration events also unregistered emigration and return migration. Persons regarding whom there is no activity in the registers confirming that they are in Estonia (no life signs) are considered to have emigrated, and if life signs appear, they are considered immigrants.

See the population methodology page for more detailed information.


Classification of Estonian administrative units and settlements (EHAK)

The classification is available on the website of Statistics Estonia under the heading List of classifications in the metadata section; information about changes to administrative units and settlements can be found in the file “Changes.pdf”.

Estonian Classification of Territorial Units for Statistics (EPS)

According to level 3 of the classification, Estonia is divided as follows:

EE001 Northern Estonia Harju county

EE004 Western Estonia Hiiu, Lääne, Pärnu and Saare counties

EE006 Central Estonia Järva, Lääne-Viru and Rapla counties

EE007 Northeastern Estonia Ida-Viru county

EE008 Southern Estonia Jõgeva, Põlva, Tartu, Valga, Viljandi and Võru counties


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