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Publication of statistics in transition to the euro

On 01.01.2011 the euro will enter into circulation in Estonia as the means of payment. Therefore, pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications (only in Estonian) six months before and six months after the €-Day, Statistics Estonia will present all tables containing financial indicators in the statistical database in both euros and kroons.

On 01.07.2011 all tables with financial indicators in kroons, i.e. the kroon tables, will be removed from the database and archived. The archived tables will be made available to users upon a respective request for information.

Until 03.01.2011, the codes of the tables in which financial indicators are expressed in euros, i.e. the euro tables, will be supplemented with the letter ”Y” and the word ”euro” will be added to the headings of tables.

From 04.01.2011 onwards, the kroon tables will be supplemented with the letter ”Y” and the word ”kroon” will be added to the headings of tables.

Data with respect to the periods preceding the €-Day are converted into euros based on the exchange rate of 1 euro to 15.6466 Estonian kroons. This exchange rate will also apply to conversions of the data concerning the periods when the official exchange rate was 15.64664 or when the euro had not been put into circulation yet.

Data in euros concerning periods prior to the date 01.01.1999 may differ in Statistics Estonia's database and in the Eurostat database, because conversions have been performed on the basis of different exchange rates. For the exchange rates used by Eurostat, please refer to the address

Conversion rules

In comparison with the kroon tables, the values presented in the euro tables will be accurate to one additional decimal place:

currency unit
number of
Currency unit in
euro tables
number of
kroons 0 euros 2
kroons 1 euros 2
kroons 2 euros 2
thousand kroons 0 thousand euros 1
thousand kroons 1 thousand euros 2
thousand kroons 2 euros 0
thousand kroons 3 euros 1
million kroons 0 million euros 1
million kroons 1 million euros 2
million kroons 3 thousand euros 1

Rounding is based on the rules provided for in the Estonia’s National Changeover Plan:

The accuracy level of data indicated in euros and Estonian kroons may differ due to conversions made on the basis of consolidated data.

For more information on the changeover to the euro in Estonia, please refer to the address